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The Los Angeles Irrigated Lands Group (LAILG) was created 2005 in response to the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board’s adoption of the Conditional Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges from Irrigated Lands Within the Los Angeles Region. Also known as the “Conditional Waiver,” “Order,” or “Ag Waiver’” it was established to ensure discharges from irrigated lands do not impair or degrade water quality within the Los Angeles region. Discharges such as sediment, pesticides, nutrients, and oxygen-demanding organic matter can degrade water quality and impair beneficial uses when discharged to waters of the state.

Landowners and growers can comply with the Conditional Waiver by joining as individuals or as part of a discharger group. The Nursery Growers Association formed a discharger group (LAILG) made of landowners and growers in Los Angeles County. As a discharger group, LAILG coordinates membership, continuing education, water quality testing and reporting for its members. Saving members both time and money as opposed to if they joined the waiver as individuals.

LAILG Board Members

John Schoustra
Greenwood Daylily Gardens
Mike Babineau
Village Nurseries
Edwin Alvarado
Nick’s Nursery
Maria Martinez
MB Landscaping & Nursery
Tomoharu Iwo
TY Nursery


Ariana Zamora McCray


(805) 668-1876

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Angelica and father, Camillo, R&G Nursery
Angelica and father, Camillo, R&G Nursery
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The Acosta's, Acosta Growers
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Frank Spina and mother, Ginny, Salco Growers
Frank Spina and mother, Ginny, Salco Growers